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Smith Farms

View all homes for sale in the Smith Farms neighborhood located in Columbus Ohio. Scroll down to see all active listings in Smith Farms Columbus Ohio 43123. You can also design your own custom home search and browse through thousands of homes for sale including condos, land, commercial and business opportunities all throughout Central Ohio. If you need a real estate agent, please contact Sam Cooper and his team of professional Realtors. Please bookmark our page.

Smith Farms Columbus Ohio Streets: Bellamy Pl., Brenton Pl., Parkfair Pl., Pambrook Ct., Groton Pl., Durbin Rd., Waring Way, Claypool Ct., Cranfield Pl., Brandon Ct., Plankton Dr., Brice Rd., Winnard Dr., Billington Dr., Baskerville Dr., Leamington Ct.

Smithe Farms Columbus Ohio 43213 Homes

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